Are Traditional Paper Business Cards Dead?

August 8, 2011

Custom Printed Business Cards from KC & CO.In this age of smart phones, texting, email, social networking sites, and websites is there still a need for a paper business card?  Can’t business people exchange contact information electronically?  Isn’t that more efficient and less expensive than the use of paper business cards?  Isn’t electronic contact information less destructive of the environment?

While much business is conducted electronically, there is still a lot of business done face-to-face, especially for small businesses, professionals, and retail.  Smart phones can exchange information easily in face-to-face situations, but not everyone carries a smart phone.  Not everyone accepts text messages from cell phones.

It is still the mark of a professional salesperson or businessperson to present a business card to new contacts.

A traditional paper business card has many advantages over electronic contact data:

  • Effective business card graphics and layout can make a lasting positive impression on the recipient and differentiate the giver from the rest of the crowd.
  • A paper card involves the sense of touch as well as the sense of sight.  The texture and thickness of a premium card stock can transmit the impression of stability and strength just from the feel of it.
  • The giver can jot a note on the back of the card to jog the recipient’s memory of the conversation later on.
  • The recipient can jot a note on the back of the card which further differentiates the giver from the rest of the crowd.
  • A paper business card can be easily attached to documents, file folders, and other related material which keeps the card giver’s information in front of the receiver.
  • Paper business cards are easily displayed on public bulletin boards and left in stacks on the counters of related businesses where they can attract the attention of prospective customers.

Transfer electronic contact information when it is necessary and convenient, but have well-designed paper business cards with you at all times.  The traditional paper business card remains a standard practice for serious business people.

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