Use Labels With Opaque Adhesive to Correct Mistakes or Make Changes

November 4, 2011

What do you do when you have 4,000 pieces of full-color sales material and your address, phone number, fax number, or email address changes?  What do you do when you have 2,000 catalogs and there is a price change on two or three items?  Do you toss the obsolete marketing material and reprint, losing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in the process, or do you update the marketing pieces somehow and salvage them?

Pressure sensitive labels with opaque adhesive are a cost-effective way to update printed material due to a change, an omission, or an error in copy.  The opaque adhesive prevents show-through, so the updated copy is readable and looks professional.

Here’s a tip to make your update easy and as attractive as possible.  When updating information within a block of copy (address block, paragraph of text, etc.), reproduce the entire block of copy that contains the updated information on the label.  It is much easier to accurately place a label with a block of copy on it than it is to position a label with an element of copy on it within a block of copy.

Correct entire block using a label with opaque adhesive, not just one element within a block.

Correct entire block of copy, not just one element within a block of copy

When preparing copy for printed material, try to group elements within blocks with white space around them and leave white space between paragraphs of text in case a correction or update needs to be made later.  This also makes the piece easier to read and more appealing to the eye. has two types of label stock available with opaque adhesive in our Custom Printed Labels Catalog:  white gloss opaque and white litho (matte finish) opaque.

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