Blank Continuous Carbonless Forms vs Printed Forms

November 10, 2011

In this time of low profit margins and tight operating budgets, blank continuous carbonless forms offer many practical advantages over the use of printed forms:

  1. Cost—Blank carbonless continuous forms can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of printed forms.
  2. Convenience—The same blank carbonless continuous forms can be used for multiple applications:  invoices, packing slips, work orders, sales orders, delivery tickets, and so on.  There is no need to swap forms out of the printer for different applications or to have multiple dedicated printers.  There is no need to stock and monitor the inventory of multiple printed forms.
  3. Obsolescence—Blank carbonless continuous forms eliminate the obsolescence costs of printed forms that result from a change in business name, logo, address, remittance address, phone number, software program, etc.
There are some disadvantages to using blank continuous carbonless forms when compared to printed forms:
  1. Appearance—Printed forms can utilize multiple colors and art effects, such as screened areas and reverse printing, to improve the appearance and functionality of a form.  Blank continuous carbonless forms are limited to one color (the color of the printer ribbon, usually black) and virtually no art effects.
  2. Back Printing—Printed forms can have terms and conditions and other information printed on the back of the form.  Blank carbonless continuous forms cannot be printed on the back.
  3. Output—Printed forms produce faster output since only the variable information is printed by the computer printer.  Blank carbonless forms require all of the information on the form to be printed by the computer printer, and this slows output considerably.
Blank carbonless continuous forms are most cost effective when used in relatively low volume environments that require printed computer output for one or more applications.
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