Form Design Tips For Printing On Blank Continuous Forms

January 19, 2012

Here are a couple of design tips to speed throughput on your dot matrix printer when printing forms on blank continuous stock, either one part or multi-part carbonless.

Eliminate horizontal rules and vertical lines.  Having a dot matrix printer draw these rules and lines slows down throughput dramatically as the printhead is forced to pass back and forth down the entire page, whether there is variable data or not, just to image the rules and lines.  When rules and lines are eliminated, the printer advances the form directly to the next line of data, bypassing the parts of the form that contain no data, and thereby, increasing the throughput.  Click on the images below to enlarge.

Horizontal rules and vertical lines slow the printing of forms on blank 1 part continuous computer paper and blank multi-part carbonless continuous paper

Avoid rules and lines and solid logos

Preferred form design for printing on blank 1 part continuous forms and blank multi-part carbonless continuous forms

Preferred form design without rules or lines and an outlined logo.

Avoid the use of heavy solids.  When a heavy solid is used, as in a logo, the printhead must pass back and forth repeatedly to color in the image.  This slows down the printing of the form.  To improve throughput, use an outline of the image instead of a solid and avoid the need for the printhead to color in the image.  
Design tips for printing on blank 1 part continuous and multi-part carbonless continuous forms

Avoid the use of heavy solids. Use outlines instead.

As a general rule, group static elements at the top and bottom of the form and leave the body open for variable data only.  That way if there are only one or two line items, the printer will skip the rest of the body and go directly to the bottom to finish printing the form.
Implement these suggestions and you will shorten the time it takes to print output on blank continuous forms.
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