Add A Logo To Give A Customized Look To A Stock Shipping Label

February 9, 2012
Add your logo to your stock shipping label imprint to give it a custom look

Stock shipping label imprint with logo art

Stock imprinted shipping labels used to offer only straight type for the imprint.  Typically, the imprint was limited to Company Name, Tag Line, Street Address, and City,State, and Zip Code.

Straight type imprints serve their purpose.  They provide the essential information.  That’s all that is really needed for some applications, such as shipping labels.

However, in this day of company branding, you want to portray a consistent image of your company, even when it comes to shipping labels.  After all, the shipping label is the first impression you make on the recipient of the envelope or parcel.  In the past, that would have meant purchasing a custom printed label.  Now you can achieve a custom look with our stock imprint shipping labels that allow for the addition of stock art or a custom logo, or the use of a custom imprint including logo.

Choose from our selection of pre-printed borders, then design your imprint artwork entirely online using our Design Center, or design online using the Design Center and your own stock or logo art that you upload to the Design Center, or upload a completed design.  You’ll have a custom look at a stock imprint price.

In addition to the option of adding your logo to the label imprint, we offer a wide selection of imprint colors to further customize the look of your label.

Minimum order quantity for stock imprint shipping labels is 500.

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