Essential Printing For A New Business

May 3, 2012

Nearly every business requires some printed materials, even businesses that exist solely in cyberspace.  There are those instances when a printed business card or letterhead is necessary, and often vital, to promote a professional image of the business.

Here is a short list of the printed materials needed to get a new business off the ground:

  • Business Cards—Although much business interaction and networking is done electronically, and we have those nifty smartphones that can exchange data in a blink of an eye, there are still those instances when a paper business card is needed.  These include face-to-face encounters, the attachment of a business card to a printed proposal or formal letter, and the use of printed business cards to promote the business through referrals.
  • Stationery and matching envelopes—Email is the preferred means of business communication today, but there are still those occasions that require printed stationery.  Cover letters for proposals, formal thank you letters, letters of introduction, and collection letters all require printed stationery if they are to be taken seriously.

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  • Bank Checks—Bank checks that include adequate security features are a requirement for every business.
  • Deposit Stamp—A deposit stamp that includes critical information makes it easy to endorse checks received in payment when preparing them for deposit in the bank.
  • Business Stamp—A stamp that includes the business name and logo, address, and phone number comes in handy to stamp brochures and sales sheets provided by suppliers, to stamp a return address on envelopes used for informal correspondence, and for a variety of other purposes where business contact information is required.

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  • Mailing/Shipping Labels—Make a good first impression when delivering products or information by mail or by truck with a printed mailing/shipping label.  It’s the first contact your customer, vendor, or banker/investor will have with your company when they receive a letter or parcel.

A small investment in these printed materials can make a big difference in how a business is perceived by customers, vendors, and bankers/investors.

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