Test Multi-Ply Forms For Acceptable Image Transfer Before Placing An Order

July 9, 2012

Before placing your first order for a form with 4 or more plies of paper (parts), be sure to request samples to test in your computer printer if it is a continuous computer form, or in a typewriter or by writing on it if it is a manual form.  Check the image on each part to verify that it is readable.

Computer printers vary greatly in their ability to handle multiple part forms.  Most printers have adjustments for form thickness.  Experiment with the thickness setting to determine which one renders the best image on the last part.

Note that carbonless (NCR) paper produces an image through a chemical reaction initiated when pressure is applied to the form.  The immediate image will continue to darken over a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour after printing.  Allow at least 1 hour to elapse after printing or writing on the test sample before making a final judgement as to image quality.  If the last copy is a file copy, check the image after 24 hours for readability.  This is how it will appear when retrieved from the file.

Do not rely solely on the printer manufacturer’s specifications.  Always test forms with 4 or more plies (parts) each time you change vendors to confirm the quality of the image before placing an order.

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