Brainstorm Your Way To Creative New Ideas

December 23, 2012

Have you hit a brick wall when it comes to creativity?  Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas?  Are you in need of new solutions to old problems?  Try a few brainstorming sessions, either by yourself or in a group setting, to get the creative juices flowing.  Brainstorming is nothing more than capturing spontaneous thoughts on paper.

Follow these basic guidelines to produce winning ideas with brainstorming:

  • Do not be judgmental.  Do not assess ideas as they are being expressed; it will stifle creativity.
  • Exaggerate and embellish.  It is easier to tone down an idea than it is to dress one up.
  • Go for quantity.  The more ideas that are generated, the better the chances of coming up with a strong, innovative solution.
  • Mix and build.  Combine and link ideas.  Use the process of association; one good idea may spark an even better one.

Group brainstorming sessions will be more dynamic and productive if the participants come from different departments, disciplines, or backgrounds.

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