Tips For The Proper Application Of Pressure Sensitive Labels

January 23, 2013

Do the ends of your pressure sensitive labels curl up after they have been applied?  Do your labels bow up and fall off after a while?  If so, you may not be applying your pressure sensitive labels properly.  Follow the tips below for handling and applying pressure sensitive labels to make sure they stay stuck.

  • Remove the label from the carrier (also known as the liner) by pulling the carrier away from the label.  Simply grasp an edge of the label and pull the carrier straight away from it.  This technique prevents curl from developing in the label.  A label with curl in it tends to pull loose after it has been applied.  Flat labels stay put.
  • After the label is removed from the carrier, handle it by the edges.  Avoid touching the sticky side with your fingers as they might contaminate the adhesive with oils from the skin, dirt, or grease and prevent the label from bonding properly to the surface.

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  • Similarly, make sure the surface to be labeled is free of dirt, dust, oil, water,  anything that would come between it and the adhesive on the label.
  • When applying the label, first place it onto the surface to be labeled, then apply pressure to the entire label using your fingers, taking care to press around the edges of the label.  Avoid slapping the label on with a single motion.  Rarely do the edges of the label receive enough pressure to form a secure bond when it is slapped on.

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